Political notes ….. 9/11/15

I join with those commemorating the victims of 9/11 but ask then to include the innocent children and families killed by this government after 9/11. All human beings matter and it is sad to listen to those that only cry for their fellow countrymen while ignoring the senseless violence their government inflicts on so many innocents around the world. All human beings matter including those in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen …..


Political notes …..5-1-15

Reading about Bratton and DeBlasio defending broken windows, I am so reminded of the many times Bloomberg defended stop and frisk. Mayor Mike warned us that the city would be in chaos without the use of stop and frisk. Today, we are told by Bratton and DeBlasio that massive crime will return unless we continue broken windows . Just imagine what would happen if we did not arrest people for crimes like “riding a bicycle on the sidewalk” or “walking through a park at night.” In all their justifications, they ignore the facts of selective law enforcement, content to allow Black and Latinos to be victims of broken windows. Bratton and DeBlasio are just as wrong in defending broken windows as Bloomberg was in his defense of stop and frisk. Their use of fear to defend broken windows is bankrupt.

Political notes …… 4-29-15

We have elected officials “outraged” at police killings in Baltimore, South Carolina and Ferguson while they remain quiet about broken windows. They seem to actually be afraid of Commissioner Bratton and DeBlasio, who endorses everything the commissioner proposed. Here in the Bronx the lack of any response from our Borough president Ruben Diaz, Jr. is what we have come to expect. Perhaps he is too busy playing golf with Donald Trump .


Political notes ….. 4-25-15

The Daily News today informs us that Commissioner Bratton is opposed to the decriminalization of a number of quality of life offenses . This despite the fact that many of these so called minor crimes apparently are only enforced in Black and Latino communities . The statistics overwhelming prove that NYPD broken windows policing is only practiced on Black and Latino neighborhoods. Do we ride a bike on the sidewalk more than whites? Do we walk through parks at night more often? Do we smoke more marijuana? Bratton is perpetuating a Ferguson in New York with his unconstitutional broken windows policing. We cannot give up until we drive Bratton and broken windows out of New York……

Political notes 1 & 2 ….April 2, 2015

So let’s see if I understand this: we in the Bronx are supposed to be so proud of our recently opened golf course given to Donald Trump as a gift by Mike Bloomberg and Borough President Ruben Diaz. The news reports glorifying this corporate welfare gift to Trump show only one brown face – ┬áthat of Ruben Diaz – playing a better role being “subservient” to his master than Samuel Jackson in Django unchained. Diaz has no time to be critical of issues like broken windows as he is too busy giving out corporate welfare. The golf course will have fees unaffordable to most Bronxites, but why care when the priority is serving the rich And powerful? What better formula to advance a political career? Shame… Shame… Shame

Those who condemned stop and frisk but stay quiet about broken windows are complicit in their silence. You cannot condemn the racist criminal justice system in Ferguson while staying quiet about broken windows policing in New York City. As Dr. King often reminded us “silence is betrayal” and the “hottest places in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.” The assembly line of mass incarceration begins with broken windows. Which side are you on?

Political notes ….. 3-23-15

Wonder how those tenants and small business owners on Jerome avenue feel about new Bronx Democratic leader Marcos Crespo giving the “Hispanic Champion of the Year ” award to Mayor DeBlasio at the Somos conference? Wonder how the folks fighting fresh direct subsidies feel about the mayor getting this award? What about all those Black and Latinos victimized by “broken windows” policing? What about all those Latinos underrepresented in this administration! Looks like the Bronx Democratic Party under Crespo will be business as usual: “Jobs for my family and friends,” while they cower in fear of raising issues that might offend the powerful. Business as usual……

Political notes ….. 2-19-15

So our ” progressive” speaker Viverito wants money in next year’s budget for one thousand new cops . Why not spend that same money on more youth programs? Ever since Lynch pushed back we see the policy of appeasement being used by Viverito. We need leaders who don’t back down and are willing to speak up about police abuse , brutality and “broken windows”. Viverito should go to a criminal court and sit in an arraignment part for a few hours. She will see who is getting arrested and for what reasons . We don’t need one thousand new police but instead we need more youth programs and an end to broken windows…….

Political notes …. 2-19-15

When I was a young man I kept a poster picture of the famous My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war . United States soldiers led by Officer Calley murdered over 100 Vietnamese women and children by rounding them up and shooting then indiscriminately . This massacre was used by the anti war movement to argue against this unjust, senseless war. Today we use drones that burn the flesh of the body but we never see the casualties. We lecture the world about terrorism while all over the world we drone both the guilty and the innocent. Are drones more “civilized” than beheading? Most of the world is not listening for they see this country as the biggest hypocrite on this planet. ? As Obama lectures the world about democracy they ask “But what about the prison in Guantanamo. Is that how people who believe in democracy treat prisoners of war ?” Drones, torture and world domination….. has anything changed with Obama in office?

Political notes …..2-12-15

So tired of our spineless ” progressive ” elected officials who, now intimidated by NYPD, are afraid to speak about ” broken windows ” policing . In her speech last night, Speaker Viverito tip toed around this issue recommending less arrests but instead desk appearance tickets. Broken windows policing has resulted in 87 percent of arrests or summons being given to Blacks and Latinos for these minor crimes . It clearly discriminates by only enforcing these “minor”crimes in Black and Latino communities . Broken windows is in effect part of the mass incarceration machine in this nation. We need political leaders who speak directly to this, not leaders who tip toe around,this issue in fear that they will offend NYPD. ……Viverito , just like the mayor , has disappointed progressives once again on this critical issue. Broken windows is unconstitutional and must be taken on directly without being afraid to speak truth to power…..

Political notes – 1-29-15

After reading about the testimony of Loretta Lynch at her nomination hearings please don’t tell me I should be proud as she will be first Afro American woman to serve as Attorney General. I am tired of supporting someone just because they will be the first Latino, the first Afro American or the first woman . What does the person stand for? What policies do they believe in ? Loretta Lynch supports capital punishment. She believes that marijuana should be illegal. She testified that she believed NSA spying was constitutional . She may be Black but her beliefs are anti Black, Latino, civil liberties and poor folks. There is nothing to be proud of as she will support the status quo and not those who challenge it.