Campaign notes – 8/8/14

As many of you know, after some reluctance on my part, I have agreed to be the Green Party’s nominee for New York State Attorney General . Both the Democrats and Republicans have chosen all white conservative candidates. Cuomo , the king of corporate welfare, is being investigated for his disbanding the Moreland commission and possibly tampering with witnesses . Our present AG has been complicit with Cuomo and remains silent about Cuomo’s possible criminal activity. Between Cuomo and Astorino there is little difference as both are pro big business and anti worker. In the election, the Greens are polling at seven percent with a much higher percentage among those under thirty. We have the most diverse statewide slate. If Cuomo continues to fall, the Green Party has an opportunity to make third party history. All my FB friends who think it time to build a multinational progressive party in New York State are needed to have a successful campaign. Let’s make some history ……. Support our campaign. Send people to Albany who will empower you not themselves. Let us rise not from our people but with our people


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