Political notes – 8/21/14

Those of you believing that professor Teachout is a real progressive better be wary of voting for her. She is great on the issue of corruption but what about the other issues, and where has she been prior to the election. Have you seen her in a protest during these last few years ? Where was her voice when hundreds of thousands of Black and Latinos rights were being violated by the stop and frisk policies of Bloomberg / Kelly? Have you heard her speak up on the Eric Garner assassination? What is her position on broken windows? How come she has not indicated that she will refuse to endorse Cuomo if he wins the primary? She is a one issue candidate with no history of concern for issues affecting Blacks and Latinos. I love her position on corruption and pay for play politics but other than that where has she been? Beware. Beware. Beware.

Although he is a political comedian, Randy Credico , as outrageous as he may be, has always been on the front lines with us, certainly more deserving of primary votes than Teachout. To those still registered in the Democratic Party: this time vote for someone who has always been ready to speak truth to power not a one issue candidate who has been silent too long on so many issues important to Blacks and Latinos Professor Teachout – where have you been?


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