Political notes – 8/24/14

Just got the news that 1199 is going to support Andrew Cuomo for governor in this year’s Democratic Primary. Cuomo, the king of corporate welfare, has spent the last four years giving away tax breaks to rich and powerful contributors, while having no money for labor raises, public schools, health care, and other essential services. Leon Davis , one of the original founders of the union, must be turning in his grave. The business unionism and narrow perspective of the union leaders goes all the way back to their endorsement of Pataki for governor They ignore the impact of corporate welfare on their members while also being blind to Cuomo’s support of common core and charter schools. The union ignores that Cuomo will probably legalize fracking but who cares as long as the union negotiates small raises I remember the line from the great poem ” how men have changed time , how times have changed men “. This is the type of short-sightedness that has taken the union movement to the edge of the cliff . The union is supporting a political opportunist more interested in lost lives in Israel than citizens assassinated by police in his own state . Shame. Shame. Shame.


One response to “Political notes – 8/24/14

  1. 1199 also supporting Jeff Klein

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