Political notes ( from Ponce , Puerto Rico ) – 8/28/14

Sad case of a thirty year old ex marine who shot an innocent elderly woman as she crossed street. The accused fought in Iraq, returning with a number of mental problems. Military service is one of the few jobs available for many young Boricuas looking to live a better life. How sad it is that we continue to send young people to the military to fight wars for ” freedom” when they are unable to find decent jobs or educational opportunities in their own land.How many Boricuas have returned to this island after fighting for the colonizer, only to be afflicted with post traumatic stress without receiving essential psychiatric services? How long will we give our sons and daughters to the most vicious, violent imperialistic army in the world? This is the price we pay for allowing our motherland to be controlled by the greatest purveyor of violence in the world…..the United States of America.


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