Political notes … 10/18/14

Wow. Andrew Cuomo visited Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo with his “boy” Ruben Diaz. Didn’t even have time to spend the night plus it was too hot to walk around so he only had time to receive the endorsement of Padilla. He explained his trip as a ” sign of respect” for Latinos. If he really had respect why not properly fund those public schools with thousands of Latino students? What about real raises for state workers some of who are Latinos? What about saying no to fracking which will destroy the environment for Latinos living in New York? What about all that corporate welfare he gives to the rich and powerful who contribute to his campaign? What about his lackluster effort to pass the dream act? What about his voice in cases where Blacks and Latinos are victimized by police? No No No. King Andrew has been missing in action for New York Latinos. Don’t let one visit make you forget what a terrible governor he is. Shame …Shame …. Shame


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