Political notes 2 …. 11/2/14

So what do you say when an 1199 member knocks on your door trying to convince you to vote for Cuomo on the Working Families line? This union, a once mighty progressive force, has lost its way endorsing terrible candidates as long as they get their contract. Remember the Pataki endorsement? There leaders don’t care about reflecting one of the most anti labor democrats in the history of New York politics. They don’t care about the legalization of fracking. They don’t care that Cuomo remains silent while the rights of hundreds of thousands of Young Blacks and Latinos are violated. They don’t care about Cuomo’s corporate welfare policies which rob the state of money needed for education. They don’t care about Cuomo’s attack on teachers. The leadership has long ago lost its militancy unconcerned about any issue but their contract. How times have changed! What used to be my favorite union. Best not to answer the door when they knock but if you do let them know……Shame …. Shame …. Shame


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