Political notes ….. 11-16-14

So the right Reverend Ruben Diaz and his preachers are holding a press conference at 10:30 am tomorrow to support the relocation of Fresh Direct to the South Bronx. Guess he stopped supporting Alex Rodriguez after the money dried up so now he is being “paid” by Fresh Direct. The company is expected to receive a package of 132 million dollars in corporate welfare while the South Bronx gets more low paying jobs and higher asthma rates. Diaz who just convinced his flock, which consists of many Latino immigrants, to support a Republican even though the republicans want most of them deported, has a new cause: Fresh Direct. Those of us who oppose this corporate welfare and this environmental disaster (one thousands trucks in an area with the highest asthma rates) will be at Hostos Community College at 5:00 pm ready to testify and protest against Fresh Direst. Join South Bronx Unite and many others tomorrow at 5 at Hostos Community College. Say PRESENTE


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