Political notes …..2-12-15

So tired of our spineless ” progressive ” elected officials who, now intimidated by NYPD, are afraid to speak about ” broken windows ” policing . In her speech last night, Speaker Viverito tip toed around this issue recommending less arrests but instead desk appearance tickets. Broken windows policing has resulted in 87 percent of arrests or summons being given to Blacks and Latinos for these minor crimes . It clearly discriminates by only enforcing these “minor”crimes in Black and Latino communities . Broken windows is in effect part of the mass incarceration machine in this nation. We need political leaders who speak directly to this, not leaders who tip toe around,this issue in fear that they will offend NYPD. ……Viverito , just like the mayor , has disappointed progressives once again on this critical issue. Broken windows is unconstitutional and must be taken on directly without being afraid to speak truth to power…..


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