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Campaign notes …. 11-3-14

Just spoke to former City Council member and future Assemblyman Charles Barron who informed me that he is telling all his supporters to vote for Howie, Ramon Jimenez and the Greens. This is one of our most treasured endorsements because it comes from a man who has been speaking truth to power all his life. Thank you my brother Charles. Join Charles Barron in voting for the candidates of the Green Party. Palante.


Campaign notes …. 11/3/14

All hands on board for tomorrow is Election Day . The major media continues to try to keep us in the closet but the polls show otherwise. The word is spreading: vote Green not the shameless, corrupt, racist machine. I am tired, my voice has almost left me and having a hard time dealing with cold but today we do sixteen hours of campaigning. Anyway you can help us will be greatly appreciated. If you live outside the state please contact your New York friends and family . If you cannot leave your house, spread the word on Facebook. If you can help us give out literature today come to my office at 145 East 149th Street Bronx . If you can volunteer for the polls tomorrow let us know. If you can’t do any of the above please tell everyone you see today to Vote GREEN not the machine. Remember to watch Bronx Talk tonight at nine.

Campaign notes …. 10/26/14

Greatly honored that Ralph Nader endorsed the state wide slate of Hawkins/ Jones/ Jimenez / Portelli. He is a tireless warrior for social justice who long ago realized that the Democratic Party had been taken over by big business. His message was clear. Vote GREEN not the machine!

Campaign notes …. 10/24/14

nader_eventTomorrow I will be joining my fellow Greens at a major activity with Ralph Nader. I believe it will be a historical event which will mark the beginnings of a real progressive force in New York politics. I, along with the members of my slate, will be making presentations . There is much excitement in the air and we are expecting a great crowd. Come join us and let’s together SEIZE the MOMENT. Vote GREEN not the machine. The activity is at All Souls Unitarian Church, 1157 Lexington Avenue at E 80th St. beginning exactly at two.

Click here for The Facebook event page.

Campaign notes … 10/18/14

Tomorrow [Sunday,10/19] we will be following Eddie Palmieri on the WBAI Salsa extended show . We will be discussing the campaign and raising money for the station. The music will be outrageous, inspiring you (perhaps) to join our historical movement to create a real third party alternative. Listen tomorrow at 99.5 fm from 5 to 7.

Campaign notes … 10/16/14

Thanks to over one hundred calls in about thirty hours plus the intervention of Jaime Estades, El Diario has decided to give us some coverage. It is amazing what we can do when we work together. Our next target is NY1 (212-691-6397) which intends to hold a debate for AG with only the candidates from the two corporate powers. This time we need hundreds of calls. I want to be at that debate so I can be your voice, raising the issues we all believe important. I promise to make you proud if I participate in this debate. Please call and get friends and family members to call. Leave name and message if necessary. Please remember that this Saturday at El Maestro (1300 Southern Blvd. ) from 2 to 5 we will be meeting to plan the reminder of the campaign. Together we are a FORCE. Remember vote GREEN. Not the machine. THE MOMENT is now……

Campaign notes – 10/9/14

This Friday at noon in front of 100 Centre Street, Howie Hawkins and I will be holding a press conference calling for the expungement of the records of all those victimized by “Stop and Frisk ” arrests during the Bloomberg / Kelly reign of terror . Thousands of young Black’s and Latino’s records have been stained as a result of unconstitutional stops, motivated by stereotypes rather than the legal requirement of reasonable suspicion. We will also be proposing that non violent drug crimes be treated as a medical problem requiring treatment rather than imprisonment ( medical model ). Join us tomorrow on the steps of 100 Centre Street……

Campaign notes – 10/6/14

To all my friends who are Democrats: the time has come. It’s not easy to say goodbye but how much abuse can you take ? They are a war party that agrees with the NSA spying on all of us and do nothing about immigration. Their foreign policy in Africa and Latin America is no different than Republicans. Their pro corporate welfare policies are best represented by Andrew Cuomo . It’s time to leave this party that long ago abandoned the principles that once made it progressive and powerful. Take a big step on November 4 and say goodbye to your abuser. Vote GREEN not the machine ……

Campaign notes – 8/22/14

Just a reminder that on August 31 a large number of Greens and other activists will be visiting Orchard Beach to remind people to vote Green not the Machine. Andrew Cuomo and Eric Schneiderman may have the money but we have the truth . A vote for Cuomo is a vote for play to play politics ,” legal corruption,” common core and fracking. Let’s show both parties that enough is enough. Meet us at my office from 1100am to 1130 am at 145 east 149th street in the Bronx on August 31. From there we head to the beach. Remember: Vote Green not the Machine….

Campaign notes – 8/12/14

Tomorrow morning Daniel Vila and I will be guests on Mimi Rosenberg’s radio show on WBAI, 99.5 FM, at 7 am to discuss our campaigns. We will be discussing the Green Party, the Moreland Commission, Andrew Cuomo, and the broken windows theory. We hope you have an opportunity to tune in tomorrow morning at 7 am. I will be reminding all listeners to Vote Green not the machine.