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Political notes …. 11-25-14

Those who believe that the Feds will prosecute the officer in the murder of Mike Brown are being bamboozled. Time after time in similar cases we have been promised federal action against the culprit , time after time there have been no civil rights charges. It’s almost like they use the possible federal indictments as a way to pacify the protests. Don’t be fooled ,…………… Speaking about grand juries how many of you think that the grand jury in Eric Garner will indict? That grand jury in Staten Island is no different than the one in Ferguson. The District Attorney in Staten Island is no different than the one in Ferguson . Wonder how the police and Bratton are going to prepare for that verdict ?


Political notes ….. 11-16-14

So the right Reverend Ruben Diaz and his preachers are holding a press conference at 10:30 am tomorrow to support the relocation of Fresh Direct to the South Bronx. Guess he stopped supporting Alex Rodriguez after the money dried up so now he is being “paid” by Fresh Direct. The company is expected to receive a package of 132 million dollars in corporate welfare while the South Bronx gets more low paying jobs and higher asthma rates. Diaz who just convinced his flock, which consists of many Latino immigrants, to support a Republican even though the republicans want most of them deported, has a new cause: Fresh Direct. Those of us who oppose this corporate welfare and this environmental disaster (one thousands trucks in an area with the highest asthma rates) will be at Hostos Community College at 5:00 pm ready to testify and protest against Fresh Direst. Join South Bronx Unite and many others tomorrow at 5 at Hostos Community College. Say PRESENTE

Political notes …. 11-10-14

This is a very critical period for the Green Party. It is critical to open up discussions with Black / Latino organizations who want a seat at the table and strong support for community issues. It is time to open up a conversation with groups like Picture the Homeless, South Bronx Unite and other grassroots movements. We can really build an electoral party with a progressive agenda that brings all progressive folks together. Yes, we must have our own organizations but electorally we must be together. The discussion must begin….. THE MOMENT IS NOW…..

Campaign notes …. 11-3-14

Just spoke to former City Council member and future Assemblyman Charles Barron who informed me that he is telling all his supporters to vote for Howie, Ramon Jimenez and the Greens. This is one of our most treasured endorsements because it comes from a man who has been speaking truth to power all his life. Thank you my brother Charles. Join Charles Barron in voting for the candidates of the Green Party. Palante.

Campaign notes …. 11/3/14

All hands on board for tomorrow is Election Day . The major media continues to try to keep us in the closet but the polls show otherwise. The word is spreading: vote Green not the shameless, corrupt, racist machine. I am tired, my voice has almost left me and having a hard time dealing with cold but today we do sixteen hours of campaigning. Anyway you can help us will be greatly appreciated. If you live outside the state please contact your New York friends and family . If you cannot leave your house, spread the word on Facebook. If you can help us give out literature today come to my office at 145 East 149th Street Bronx . If you can volunteer for the polls tomorrow let us know. If you can’t do any of the above please tell everyone you see today to Vote GREEN not the machine. Remember to watch Bronx Talk tonight at nine.

Political notes …. 11/2/14

If you read today’s daily news you would think there were only two parties on the ballot . Today they endorse Prince Andrew while doing everything not to mention the Greens. Their previous endorsements of Romney for president and Quinn for mayor have been major flops. They want to make any party that represents the 99 per cent invisible. Only you can make us visible. We are polling at historical levels but we need you to make us VISIBLE. Today all I ask is that you call ten friends or family members reminding them to vote GREEN on Tuesday. Don’t let the daily news tell you who your options are. NOW IS THE MOMENT. Yes THERE is an OPTION. Vote GREEN not the machine….

Political notes – 11/1/14

Sometimes I think that Reverend Diaz and his son Ruben , Borough President of the Bronx, play a game old time Boricuas used to call “pitcher and catcher.” The father endorses the Republican candidate Astorino, although he belongs to a party who would love to deport many of the same immigrants that go the State Senator’s church . The son supports Cuomo, even after learning that Latinos are vastly unrepresented in state government jobs . “Pitcher / catcher. “…… All sides are covered and who cares about issues and policy? When will the Bronx get tired of this act. Send them a message this Tuesday. Vote GREEN not the machine.

Political notes 3 – 10/31/14

Any vote for Cuomo, whether on the Democratic Party line or the Working Families line, is a vote for his agenda. If Cuomo wins with a large majority he will interpret that as an endorsement of his policies — fracking , austerity for workers and corporate welfare for the rich , attacks on teachers — while he supports charter schools and underfunds public schools ….. this is the Cuomo agenda . Don’t let anybody fool you. On November 4 vote GREEN not the shameless machine.

Political notes 2 – 10/31/14

So, last night two white males debated while I was excluded. Only the corporate parties were represented. I was excluded even though the Greens are polling at close to ten percent. I wonder what our media would say if Hugo Chavez had done the same? Our democracy is only for the rich and powerful, so we hold a debate where many of the issues that concern Blacks and Latinos are never even mentioned. Not a word was heard about police misconduct! Not a word was said about the legality of all the marijuana arrests taking place presently in the city! Schneiderman was never asked why he never prosecuted the man who misappropriated one million dollars from the Puerto Rican day parade! Fracking was rarely mentioned! Democracy in action, or quoting Gil Scott Heron, “democracy standing ragged in the corner.” The media wants to make us the invisible candidates because too many editors are scared stiff of our ideas. We represent the 99 per cent. Make us VISIBLE. Vote GREEN not the machine.

Political notes 1 – 10/31/14

So, we are being told to vote for The Working Families party so they can maintain their ballot status. This means voting for the scariest Halloween character: Andrew Cuomo. I guess it is more important that they gain ballot status than all the things that will happen if Prince Andrew gets reelected: fracking; the stripping of worker protections; the continuation of Common Core; the continuation of a corporate welfare policy that rewards the rich and powerful while everyone gets austerity policies. …. and a continued exclusion of Latinos from the workforce. Forget all these possibilities that will most probably occur if Cuomo gets an overwhelming majority, the ballot status of the Workers family party is more important ……, ARE YOU CRAZY ? This is the type of reasoning that has taken the labor movement to the edge of the cliff. VOTE GREEN not the machine