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Political notes …. 10/27/14

Eric Schneiderman is running one hundred commercials a day highlighting that he treats the rich and powerful to the same “justice ” as common folk. What about the mortgage bankers that committed criminal fraud but were simply required to pay big fines but suffered no criminal prosecution? What about Carlos Velasquez, who misappropriated one million dollars from the Puerto Rican day parade and was never prosecuted by the AG? What about the Suffolk police whose excess force resulted in a death ….. Still waiting for an investigation by the AG ? Schneiderman in his misleading commercial seems to take credit for the prosecutions of politicians by the UU attorney. Where was the voice of this AG when Bloomberg / Kelly violated the rights of hundreds of thousands of young Black and Latinos? Why do we not hear his voice condemning the “broken windows ” policing? No, our present AG is business as usual. Special “justice” for the rich and powerful. Mass incarceration for rest. Vote GREEN not the machine.


Campaign notes …. 10/26/14

Greatly honored that Ralph Nader endorsed the state wide slate of Hawkins/ Jones/ Jimenez / Portelli. He is a tireless warrior for social justice who long ago realized that the Democratic Party had been taken over by big business. His message was clear. Vote GREEN not the machine!

Campaign notes …. 10/24/14

nader_eventTomorrow I will be joining my fellow Greens at a major activity with Ralph Nader. I believe it will be a historical event which will mark the beginnings of a real progressive force in New York politics. I, along with the members of my slate, will be making presentations . There is much excitement in the air and we are expecting a great crowd. Come join us and let’s together SEIZE the MOMENT. Vote GREEN not the machine. The activity is at All Souls Unitarian Church, 1157 Lexington Avenue at E 80th St. beginning exactly at two.

Click here for The Facebook event page.

Campaign notes … 10/18/14

Tomorrow [Sunday,10/19] we will be following Eddie Palmieri on the WBAI Salsa extended show . We will be discussing the campaign and raising money for the station. The music will be outrageous, inspiring you (perhaps) to join our historical movement to create a real third party alternative. Listen tomorrow at 99.5 fm from 5 to 7.

Political notes … 10/18/14

Wow. Andrew Cuomo visited Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo with his “boy” Ruben Diaz. Didn’t even have time to spend the night plus it was too hot to walk around so he only had time to receive the endorsement of Padilla. He explained his trip as a ” sign of respect” for Latinos. If he really had respect why not properly fund those public schools with thousands of Latino students? What about real raises for state workers some of who are Latinos? What about saying no to fracking which will destroy the environment for Latinos living in New York? What about all that corporate welfare he gives to the rich and powerful who contribute to his campaign? What about his lackluster effort to pass the dream act? What about his voice in cases where Blacks and Latinos are victimized by police? No No No. King Andrew has been missing in action for New York Latinos. Don’t let one visit make you forget what a terrible governor he is. Shame …Shame …. Shame

Political notes … 10/17/14

The moment is now. The Democratic Party has sold its soul to the permanent government. On a national level they now represent a pro Wall Street party that spends more time on wars , spying on all citizens , blindly supporting Israel and compromising away our rights, than in defending the poor , working and middle classes . The moment is now. We need a progressive third party in New York State to take on the king of corporate welfare and his entire slate. The moment is now. Join the GREEN PARTY , Support the Green Party , Volunteer for this election. Join us this Saturday from 2 to 5 in El Maestro (1300 Southern Blvd ). The moment is now.

Campaign notes … 10/16/14

Thanks to over one hundred calls in about thirty hours plus the intervention of Jaime Estades, El Diario has decided to give us some coverage. It is amazing what we can do when we work together. Our next target is NY1 (212-691-6397) which intends to hold a debate for AG with only the candidates from the two corporate powers. This time we need hundreds of calls. I want to be at that debate so I can be your voice, raising the issues we all believe important. I promise to make you proud if I participate in this debate. Please call and get friends and family members to call. Leave name and message if necessary. Please remember that this Saturday at El Maestro (1300 Southern Blvd. ) from 2 to 5 we will be meeting to plan the reminder of the campaign. Together we are a FORCE. Remember vote GREEN. Not the machine. THE MOMENT is now……

Political notes … 10/11/14

The most amusing and outrageous political commercial this season has to be that of my opponent for AG, incumbent Eric Schneiderman. In it he boasts of putting all criminals in jail and applying “equal justice for all.” Do you know that not one banker who committed mortgage fraud went to jail? Do you know that Carlos Velasquez who according to Schniderman’s own report “misappropriated one million dollars from the Puerto Rican day parade” never was criminally prosecuted? Did you know that nearly all elected officials accused of criminal activity have been charged by the US Attorney’s office not by our AG? The rich , powerful and influential have been given “get out of jail” cards by Schneiderman, while poor and working people have incurred the wrath of the criminal justice system. Time to retire Schneiderman. Vote GREEN, not the machine.

Campaign notes – 10/6/14

To all my friends who are Democrats: the time has come. It’s not easy to say goodbye but how much abuse can you take ? They are a war party that agrees with the NSA spying on all of us and do nothing about immigration. Their foreign policy in Africa and Latin America is no different than Republicans. Their pro corporate welfare policies are best represented by Andrew Cuomo . It’s time to leave this party that long ago abandoned the principles that once made it progressive and powerful. Take a big step on November 4 and say goodbye to your abuser. Vote GREEN not the machine ……

Political notes – 9/19/14

Thank you for all the birthday greetings but the most important birthday today is that of the great sister, deceased but never forgotten Evelina Antonetty . She was our Mother Jones , our Fannie Lou Hamer and our Soujourner Truth. She was an incredible grassroots organizer, a tireless activist and a second mother to a whole generation of activists. She was never afraid to speak truth to power. Evelina, you will never be forgotten . Happy happy birthday…..