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Political notes – 11/1/14

Sometimes I think that Reverend Diaz and his son Ruben , Borough President of the Bronx, play a game old time Boricuas used to call “pitcher and catcher.” The father endorses the Republican candidate Astorino, although he belongs to a party who would love to deport many of the same immigrants that go the State Senator’s church . The son supports Cuomo, even after learning that Latinos are vastly unrepresented in state government jobs . “Pitcher / catcher. “…… All sides are covered and who cares about issues and policy? When will the Bronx get tired of this act. Send them a message this Tuesday. Vote GREEN not the machine.


Political notes – 9/11/14

So Andy thinks that the forty percent who voted against him represent “special interests ” who have an ax to grind with him. He fails to mention the special interests that he serves the rich and powerful. The man who is described by the Chief as a man “who stands for nothing but himself” would like you to focus on Satori I now while ignoring there is a real alternative to both conservatives Cuomo and Astorino The Green Party will be on row F on November fourth. If you oppose corporate welfare and are tired of the king of corporate welfare, you have a real choice. Vote Green not the Machine…..