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Political notes 1 & 2 ….April 2, 2015

So let’s see if I understand this: we in the Bronx are supposed to be so proud of our recently opened golf course given to Donald Trump as a gift by Mike Bloomberg and Borough President Ruben Diaz. The news reports glorifying this corporate welfare gift to Trump show only one brown face – ┬áthat of Ruben Diaz – playing a better role being “subservient” to his master than Samuel Jackson in Django unchained. Diaz has no time to be critical of issues like broken windows as he is too busy giving out corporate welfare. The golf course will have fees unaffordable to most Bronxites, but why care when the priority is serving the rich And powerful? What better formula to advance a political career? Shame… Shame… Shame

Those who condemned stop and frisk but stay quiet about broken windows are complicit in their silence. You cannot condemn the racist criminal justice system in Ferguson while staying quiet about broken windows policing in New York City. As Dr. King often reminded us “silence is betrayal” and the “hottest places in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.” The assembly line of mass incarceration begins with broken windows. Which side are you on?


Political notes 2 – 9/2/14

Question for the day: How can any union member actually vote for Andrew Cuomo? Do you remember how he forced state workers to accept a 0 percent raise for three years while giving away tax money and corporate welfare to the rich and powerful? What about all the give backs he wanted from state workers? For any union member to support Cuomo is suicidal. Say “no” to any union leader that tells you to support Mr. Corporate Welfare Andrew Cuomo.