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Political notes – 11/1/14

Sometimes I think that Reverend Diaz and his son Ruben , Borough President of the Bronx, play a game old time Boricuas used to call “pitcher and catcher.” The father endorses the Republican candidate Astorino, although he belongs to a party who would love to deport many of the same immigrants that go the State Senator’s church . The son supports Cuomo, even after learning that Latinos are vastly unrepresented in state government jobs . “Pitcher / catcher. “…… All sides are covered and who cares about issues and policy? When will the Bronx get tired of this act. Send them a message this Tuesday. Vote GREEN not the machine.


Political notes …. 10/27/14

Eric Schneiderman is running one hundred commercials a day highlighting that he treats the rich and powerful to the same “justice ” as common folk. What about the mortgage bankers that committed criminal fraud but were simply required to pay big fines but suffered no criminal prosecution? What about Carlos Velasquez, who misappropriated one million dollars from the Puerto Rican day parade and was never prosecuted by the AG? What about the Suffolk police whose excess force resulted in a death ….. Still waiting for an investigation by the AG ? Schneiderman in his misleading commercial seems to take credit for the prosecutions of politicians by the UU attorney. Where was the voice of this AG when Bloomberg / Kelly violated the rights of hundreds of thousands of young Black and Latinos? Why do we not hear his voice condemning the “broken windows ” policing? No, our present AG is business as usual. Special “justice” for the rich and powerful. Mass incarceration for rest. Vote GREEN not the machine.

Political notes – 9/11/14

So Andy thinks that the forty percent who voted against him represent “special interests ” who have an ax to grind with him. He fails to mention the special interests that he serves the rich and powerful. The man who is described by the Chief as a man “who stands for nothing but himself” would like you to focus on Satori I now while ignoring there is a real alternative to both conservatives Cuomo and Astorino The Green Party will be on row F on November fourth. If you oppose corporate welfare and are tired of the king of corporate welfare, you have a real choice. Vote Green not the Machine…..

Political notes – 8/24/14

Just got the news that 1199 is going to support Andrew Cuomo for governor in this year’s Democratic Primary. Cuomo, the king of corporate welfare, has spent the last four years giving away tax breaks to rich and powerful contributors, while having no money for labor raises, public schools, health care, and other essential services. Leon Davis , one of the original founders of the union, must be turning in his grave. The business unionism and narrow perspective of the union leaders goes all the way back to their endorsement of Pataki for governor They ignore the impact of corporate welfare on their members while also being blind to Cuomo’s support of common core and charter schools. The union ignores that Cuomo will probably legalize fracking but who cares as long as the union negotiates small raises I remember the line from the great poem ” how men have changed time , how times have changed men “. This is the type of short-sightedness that has taken the union movement to the edge of the cliff . The union is supporting a political opportunist more interested in lost lives in Israel than citizens assassinated by police in his own state . Shame. Shame. Shame.

Political notes – 8/14/14

Watching the reaction of Mayor DeBlasio to the broken windows theory reminds us again that Democrats will only take you so far. When the crisis hits, they will only take you so far –  then they begin to sound like Republicans. The Democratic Party under Obama, and in a short stint by DeBlasio, is bankrupt, both having one master – corporate America . You believers! How ridiculous and insensitive your ” progressive ” mayor sounds. There is no hope from these two corporate parties. Are you ready for some real change ? Vote GREEN not the machine ……

Political notes – 8/13/14

 It is important that people understand that giving tax breaks and credits to wealthy contributors, otherwise known as legal corruption, robs budgets of monies needed for education, health care and union wages. When Cuomo, the king of corporate welfare, gives these tax breaks to “friends ” he is taking money away from the state budget. We need a commission to study just how much Andrew gave away his first four years. Bet it’s in the billions…….

Campaign notes – 8/12/14

Tomorrow morning Daniel Vila and I will be guests on Mimi Rosenberg’s radio show on WBAI, 99.5 FM, at 7 am to discuss our campaigns. We will be discussing the Green Party, the Moreland Commission, Andrew Cuomo, and the broken windows theory. We hope you have an opportunity to tune in tomorrow morning at 7 am. I will be reminding all listeners to Vote Green not the machine.

Political notes – 8/12/14

The Daily News reports today a new poll which indicates that Cuomo’s approval rating has plummeted to forty four percent. It will be interesting how my union brothers and sisters will explain any endorsement of Cuomo . What do we know how his reelection will impact workers? Andrew will ask them to make more “sacrifices ” while he gives 0 in raises, makes them pay more for health care and makes them increase productivity. You know he will continue handing out corporate welfare to his contributors. You know that he will authorize fracking. How can any union leader tell us to support this egomaniac corrupt unprincipled individual? I want to hear this.