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Political notes – 11/1/14

Sometimes I think that Reverend Diaz and his son Ruben , Borough President of the Bronx, play a game old time Boricuas used to call “pitcher and catcher.” The father endorses the Republican candidate Astorino, although he belongs to a party who would love to deport many of the same immigrants that go the State Senator’s church . The son supports Cuomo, even after learning that Latinos are vastly unrepresented in state government jobs . “Pitcher / catcher. “…… All sides are covered and who cares about issues and policy? When will the Bronx get tired of this act. Send them a message this Tuesday. Vote GREEN not the machine.


Political notes 3 – 10/31/14

Any vote for Cuomo, whether on the Democratic Party line or the Working Families line, is a vote for his agenda. If Cuomo wins with a large majority he will interpret that as an endorsement of his policies — fracking , austerity for workers and corporate welfare for the rich , attacks on teachers — while he supports charter schools and underfunds public schools ….. this is the Cuomo agenda . Don’t let anybody fool you. On November 4 vote GREEN not the shameless machine.