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Political notes 2 – 10/31/14

So, last night two white males debated while I was excluded. Only the corporate parties were represented. I was excluded even though the Greens are polling at close to ten percent. I wonder what our media would say if Hugo Chavez had done the same? Our democracy is only for the rich and powerful, so we hold a debate where many of the issues that concern Blacks and Latinos are never even mentioned. Not a word was heard about police misconduct! Not a¬†word was said about the legality of all the marijuana arrests taking place presently in the city! Schneiderman was never asked why he never prosecuted the man who misappropriated one million dollars from the Puerto Rican day parade! Fracking was rarely mentioned! Democracy in action, or quoting Gil Scott Heron, “democracy standing ragged in the corner.” The media wants to make us the invisible candidates because too many editors are scared stiff of our ideas. We represent the 99 per cent. Make us VISIBLE. Vote GREEN not the machine.


Political notes …. 10/27/14

Eric Schneiderman is running one hundred commercials a day highlighting that he treats the rich and powerful to the same “justice ” as common folk. What about the mortgage bankers that committed criminal fraud but were simply required to pay big fines but suffered no criminal prosecution? What about Carlos Velasquez, who misappropriated one million dollars from the Puerto Rican day parade and was never prosecuted by the AG? What about the Suffolk police whose excess force resulted in a death ….. Still waiting for an investigation by the AG ? Schneiderman in his misleading commercial seems to take credit for the prosecutions of politicians by the UU attorney. Where was the voice of this AG when Bloomberg / Kelly violated the rights of hundreds of thousands of young Black and Latinos? Why do we not hear his voice condemning the “broken windows ” policing? No, our present AG is business as usual. Special “justice” for the rich and powerful. Mass incarceration for rest. Vote GREEN not the machine.


Bogie says: “Play it again, Jimenez.”

Humphrey Bogart urges Ingrid Bergman to vote Ramon Jimenez for NY State Attorney General, and warns her not to vote for Schneiderman, in this classic scene from Casablanca. Produced by Randy Credico and Dave Channon.