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Political notes …. 2-19-15

When I was a young man I kept a poster picture of the famous My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war . United States soldiers led by Officer Calley murdered over 100 Vietnamese women and children by rounding them up and shooting then indiscriminately . This massacre was used by the anti war movement to argue against this unjust, senseless war. Today we use drones that burn the flesh of the body but we never see the casualties. We lecture the world about terrorism while all over the world we drone both the guilty and the innocent. Are drones more “civilized” than beheading? Most of the world is not listening for they see this country as the biggest hypocrite on this planet. ? As Obama lectures the world about democracy they ask “But what about the prison in Guantanamo. Is that how people who believe in democracy treat prisoners of war ?” Drones, torture and world domination….. has anything changed with Obama in office?