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Political notes …..5-1-15

Reading about Bratton and DeBlasio defending broken windows, I am so reminded of the many times Bloomberg defended stop and frisk. Mayor Mike warned us that the city would be in chaos without the use of stop and frisk. Today, we are told by Bratton and DeBlasio that massive crime will return unless we continue broken windows . Just imagine what would happen if we did not arrest people for crimes like “riding a bicycle on the sidewalk” or “walking through a park at night.” In all their justifications, they ignore the facts of selective law enforcement, content to allow Black and Latinos to be victims of broken windows. Bratton and DeBlasio are just as wrong in defending broken windows as Bloomberg was in his defense of stop and frisk. Their use of fear to defend broken windows is bankrupt.


Political notes …… 4-29-15

We have elected officials “outraged” at police killings in Baltimore, South Carolina and Ferguson while they remain quiet about broken windows. They seem to actually be afraid of Commissioner Bratton and DeBlasio, who endorses everything the commissioner proposed. Here in the Bronx the lack of any response from our Borough president Ruben Diaz, Jr. is what we have come to expect. Perhaps he is too busy playing golf with Donald Trump .


Political notes ….. 4-25-15

The Daily News today informs us that Commissioner Bratton is opposed to the decriminalization of a number of quality of life offenses . This despite the fact that many of these so called minor crimes apparently are only enforced in Black and Latino communities . The statistics overwhelming prove that NYPD broken windows policing is only practiced on Black and Latino neighborhoods. Do we ride a bike on the sidewalk more than whites? Do we walk through parks at night more often? Do we smoke more marijuana? Bratton is perpetuating a Ferguson in New York with his unconstitutional broken windows policing. We cannot give up until we drive Bratton and broken windows out of New York……

Political notes …. 11-25-14

Those who believe that the Feds will prosecute the officer in the murder of Mike Brown are being bamboozled. Time after time in similar cases we have been promised federal action against the culprit , time after time there have been no civil rights charges. It’s almost like they use the possible federal indictments as a way to pacify the protests. Don’t be fooled ,…………… Speaking about grand juries how many of you think that the grand jury in Eric Garner will indict? That grand jury in Staten Island is no different than the one in Ferguson. The District Attorney in Staten Island is no different than the one in Ferguson . Wonder how the police and Bratton are going to prepare for that verdict ?